With the romance and adventure that surrounds the story of King Arthur; it is no wonder that the village that claims to be his birthplace would be such a popular holiday destination. While there is some discrepancy over whether the legendary King Arthur was actually born in this village or was merely conceived here, the story of his beginnings is enticing enough to lure many to this beautiful Cornwall location. Once within the boundaries of Tintagel, visitors are immediately taken with the natural beauty, picturesque charm and abundant attractions that this northern peninsula on the Cornish coast provides.

The King Arthur Tale
The Tintagel Castle was, at one time, inhabited by the Duke of Cornwall Gorlois and his lovely wife Igerna. The current high king of England Uther met the beautiful Igerna and immediately wanted her for his own. He persuaded his magician Merlin to give him a drug that would alter his appearance to resemble Gorlois in every possible way. While Gorlois was away in battle, Uther passed himself off as the duke for a night of passionate lovemaking with Igerna. That night was the fateful night when the legendary King Arthur was conceived. When Gorlois was killed in that same battle, Uther and Igerna quickly became husband and wife.

While most of the Tintagel Castle seen today was constructed in the early part of the 13th century many believe that an earlier castle had been constructed in this precise spot – probable a full century before. Early recordings show that King Arthur was born at the Tintagel Castle in the fifteenth century, leading many to make an easy connection between his conception and birth at this same location. Recent archeological discoveries have furthered the idea that King Arthur was born in this spot, including a stone with the Latin name "Arthur" inscribed upon it. While this is not necessarily a direct link between the legendary king and the Tintagel location, it is certainly compelling evidence that the story might have a thread of truth running through it.

Whether the legend of King Arthur is a true account or a romantic figment of the imagination that has survived generations of folklore, there is a certain romance and beauty about the village of Tintagel. With many breathtaking natural sights to enjoy and a host of activities geared to tourists on holiday, this is a lovely destination for a romantic getaway. Accommodations in this Cornwall area include beautiful hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts and plenty of self catering cottages and apartments to suit everyone's taste and budget. If you are thinking about a holiday in Tintagel, consider the many benefits and attractions of this destination.

The Tintagel Visitor Center
To begin your Tintagel holiday, take some time in the Visitor Center to learn all about the legend of King Arthur and other pertinent information about this region. This modern building was originally a thorn in the side of the residents here, but the building itself has been popular enough with visitors to become a tourist attraction in itself. Once you are armed with the information that you need to enjoy Tintagel to the fullest, get ready to take in all that this historic village has to offer.

Tintagel Castle
No matter what truly took place within these walls, the building and architecture are worth a visit by themselves. This historic site is the host to more than 200,000 visitors every year who dream of the many battles and romances that have taken place inside what is now mostly ruins. The castle is currently owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and is managed by English Heritage to provide plenty of historic beauty to visitors young and old. Near to the Tintagel Castle is Merlin's Cave, a cavern where the magician Merlin is thought to have lived. The magic of this place is accessible by footpath, but has been known to fill with water during high tide.

King Arthur's Great Halls
Inside these majestic walls sits the Round Table that was used by King Arthur and the knights of his reign. The 73 breathtaking stained glass windows are worth the trip themselves, but there is also a program about the history of King Arthur and the building, built in the 1930's is also worth a look.

The Old Post Office
This building is one of the most historic in Tintagel, dating back to the middle of the 14th century. It was during the reign of Queen Victoria that this beautiful building began to be used as a post office, but since 1872, its primary use has been as a popular attraction for tourists on holiday.

St. Nectan's Glen
If natural beauty is what you are craving on your holiday to Tintagel, you need not look any further than St. Nectan's Glen. This beautiful sight can be accessed through a network of footpaths so make sure you bring your walking shoes when exploring this popular tourist attraction. At the end of your trek, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a front row seat to the breathtaking 60-foot waterfall at St. Nectan's Kieve. This scenic hike is worth every bit of effort and will make for a day of delicious sight seeing of the majestic natural terrain of the Cornwall region.

Beaches are what drive many vacationers on holiday to the area of Cornwall, and Tintagel doesn't disappoint in this area. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from with hotels and self catering campsites nearby for longer stays. Many of these quiet coves are well hidden and nearly missed by many travelers, making them the perfect spot for quiet days enjoying the sand and waves and relaxing after a busy day of sight seeing.

Tintagel resonates with the romance and chivalry of ages past, with plenty of modern amenities to suit even the most discriminating traveler. If your idea of the perfect holiday is to enjoy first class accommodations in hotels, bed and breakfasts and self catering campsite while you get lost in ages past, Tintagel is the perfect destination for you.

The town of Tintagel offers you a range of choices when it comes to accommodation.

The 'Atlantic Hotel', 'Avalon', 'Panalick Hotel' and 'Wootons Country Hotel', are amongst the best hotels in Tintagel.

Bed & Breakfast
Friendly and comfortable cottages like 'Cottage Teashop', 'Lan-y-Mor', 'Brooklets', 'Anneth', 'Hillscroft House', 'Summerhut' and 'Trewarmett Inn' will warmly welcome you.

The 'Ocean Cove Holiday Park', 'Headland Caravan and Camping' and 'Bossiney Farm Caravans' will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

You can get your fill of the local sea-fare at a cluster of enticing restaurants - 'Wootons', 'Juliano's', 'Trewarmett's', 'Irina's Restaurant', 'Wyldes', 'Excalibur' and 'Old Mill Floor'.

Wild Magic
Legends of love and lust. Ancient cliffs. Wild waters. Medieval manors. The mad magical beauty of Tintagel is almost tangible. Go feel it, and get mesmerised...

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Tintagel reminds one of the legends of King Arthur. Norman Castle is located in Tintagel, Cornwall. To visit its ruins, one has to park in Tintagel Village and proceed by foot for a half a mile along an uneven track. After reaching Tintagel Head, there is a steep climb up to where the castle stands meeting the skies. Ruins of a Celtic Monastery are also situated across the bridge on Tintagel Island. In the town, a Roman milestone dating back to 250 AD is kept in the parish church. Besides the enchanting coastal scenery, there is hardly any part of Tintagel which has been victimized by over commercialization. Peppered with gift shops, potteries, galleries, restaurants and cafeterias, this beautiful town in North Cornwall is definitely worth visiting, especially for Arthurian enthusiasts.