Redruth is an old mining town that still has a large amount of historical significance. This village began around the 12th century and kept growing from then on. The most ancient part of the most popular town building of Carn Brea today is the tower, which was built in 1490. The actual church itself was expanded in the 1750’s to accommodate more people. The Carn Brea has spectacular views and is known as the site of a Stone Age hill fort and a re-established castle. This is definitely a popular tourist destination and is something you will regret checking out if you do not do so while on your stay in Redruth, Cornwall. It is something to remember your trip by.
Some of the popular tourist destinations in Redruth, Cornwall could include the Murdoch House, Tin Miner statue among many others. The Murdoch House was the first house in the world to be lit with gas lighting from coal gas by the inventor William Murdoch, which is where the name comes from. It is now known as the Global Migration Project and many tourists come here to try to find their Cornish ancestors. The Tin Miner statue is approximately 2 meters tall and is a sight to see.
A unique story about the coming of the town’s name, Redruth, is that it is named after the color of a St. Ruth’s cloak. It seemed that any child to be baptized with the water from the well at St. Ruth’s near Protreath would not ever be hanged.
Redruth has a newly restored railway and is known early 19th century. Majority of the buildings that can be found on Fore Street and shopping centers are from approximately the same century as well. On this street, the first thing you will notice is the old clock tower.
There is much shopping to be had here in Redruth. It is safe to say that you will have no problem finding accommodation near shopping areas in Redruth. Among all the shopping, there is a cinema located in downtown Redruth. You can enjoy a movie with your family or with your significant other while vacationing in Redruth, Cornwall. There are also many different restaurants and cafes that are located through downtown Redruth for you to enjoy your time on your vacation in Redruth, Cornwall.
In addition, during the summer, there are many events that take place within the town of Redruth. The Redruth Town Trail, which is just a short walk through the town features many different historical and other places of interest for you within just walking distance.
Traveling to Redruth? Have you checked out the area and felt it was a wonderful place to take a holiday, or maybe you were told you would be traveling there for work related reasons, whatever your reason for being there, you will need a place to stay.
Hotels and bed and breakfasts offer accommodations for your stay in Redruth, but will not offer the comfort and feel of home as self-catering accommodations will. Self-catering homes are secluded and private and are usually someone’s home that has been rented or leased out for a few days, weeks, months, or even an entire season.
Self-catering accommodations offer you the privacy that you may very well need when traveling due to work, the time when you need peace and quiet, self-catering cottages will offer it to you. Hotels and bed and breakfasts will be noisy and sometimes crowded while self-catering cottages will hold only those you have brought with you. Self-catering accommodations are a great way to take a vacation with your entire family; you will have the same luxuries as you do at home.
Space is a huge bonus to renting or leasing a self-catering accommodation. With a large family, a hotel room could be cramped and the cost of a suite is astronomical, and even with the high cost suite, you may very well still be cramped. Self-catering cottages, since they are homes, will have separate bedrooms, maybe even more than one bath. If you are working, you might find one that has a secluded office for the time you need to be alone and have total peace and quiet.
Hotels do have pools and game rooms for the little ones or even for you to relax poolside. You can also find self-catering or bed and breakfast accommodations in which have a pond or lake in the area. This is a great idea for the family, the little ones can go out and play in the water, you can write while sunbathing by the lake. You can achieve all of this through a self-catering accommodation as well and you will receive the peace and tranquility that you need.
Self-catering accommodations may offer a little more than the basic home and are quite unique, but once found they are worth the search. Several amenities can create a great vacation for you and your family, a swimming pool is a nice added extra to your accommodation whether it is with a self-catering or a hotel accommodation. It will help create a more vacation like feel and allow for the children to have playtime within your eyesight and you can continue to do what you need to do.
While planning your vacation or stay in Redruth, do not pass up the different accommodations available to you and your family. All the little extras that you find within any of the different types of accommodations are well worth it and will create a better atmosphere for you and your family. Check online for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and self-catering accommodations in Redruth before booking and see which one fits you and your family the best!

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With a village, which developed in the 12th century around the ford not too distant from the parish church, Redruth, in Cornwall, derived its name from a St Ruth’s cloak. There is a legend that says that no child baptized by the water from St. Ruth’s well would ever be hanged. Good job to. The name Redruth is said to be derived from the fact that by the 14th century the stream running along the bottom of Fore Street was so discolored with iron oxide from tinning activities that it ran red. Another story is this quaint town is named after the colour of a St Ruth’s cloak. It was said that no child baptized with the water from St Ruth’s Well near Portreath would ever be hanged. Taking the Redruth Town trail, one will be able to feast one’s eyes on the elegant historical buildings and places of interest. With quite a few restaurants and cafes to choose from, a cinema also occupies the main street in Redruth - Cornwall.