There’s nothing quiet like discovering new places to visit and take holiday; ironically, one of the most charming and gracious places to visit in all of Cornwall is a hidden treasure. The town of Penryn has been around basically for thousands of years; however, most tourists seem to flock to other surrounding towns. For many the 7000 citizens of Penryn; they keep the quaint town a hidden secret- but now, the word is out. If you like visiting old castles full of charm and history; as well as, taking in wonderful and breath-taking views- consider a holiday spent in the harbor town of Penryn.

Penryn is perhaps one of the oldest towns in the Cornwall districts. It first was founded in 1216; later being incorporated in 1621 by King James I. Centuries ago, the small port town served as home and educational quarters for many priests in training. The Glasney College of Priory was founded in the mid 12th century; but later demolished in the 15th century. Today, visitors are permitted to view the relics of what is left of the famous college. Since Penryn’s beginnings were built on education; it seemed only right when Penryn was asked to be the new home of the newly created hub for the combined efforts of the Universities of Cornwall. Today, the Tremough Campus is complete and houses the Institute of Cornish Studies and the University of Exeter’s world-renowned Camborne School of Mines. As well, the campus plays host to many departments from the University College Falmouth.

Located on the Penryn River, today, the thriving university town is seeing a new renaissance; combining the old with the new. Buildings throughout the town of Penryn feature architecture dating back to the Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian times. Visitors are welcome to visit many of these castles and homes located throughout the town. In fact, one of the most beautiful sites for tourists is the 16th Century Pendennis Castle built by Henry VIII. This massive dwelling was built as one of a pair of forts established to protect against invasion from Spain and France. Today, the castle is open to the public for viewing. Other favorite spots to visit on your holiday include the varying gardens throughout the district. Penryn has several ravishing gardens; many stretch for acres. One of the most prominent gardens in the town features sub-tropical plants and scenery. The massive gardens and woodlands span throughout the town; creating an astonishing view for visitors.

The town of Penryn first saw rise to the maritime industry in the 18th Century; the large commercial center along the river served as home docks for large boats carrying once mined copper and granite. Throughout the years, the town of Penryn served as a major exporter for granite; in fact, some of the most prominent dwellings and world renowned monuments were built from the granite stone from Penryn; to name a few- the London Bridge and the South Bank. Today, the export of granite to the UK and neighboring countries has come to a halt- replaced with less expensive means of manufacturing like cement. However, the buildings that once stood beside the seascape are still standing; allowing visitors to rebel in their beauty and history.

Many visitors to the quaint town find that boating life in the small community is still prominent throughout; as well, the town of Penryn plays host to the National Maritime Museum. A magical place full of boats from long ago and interactive displays and exhibits. Both the old and the young find the Maritime Museum a great place to relic in the history of the sea.

Others that visit the town of Penryn prefer more relaxing activities to fill their days; there’s sailing and fishing. In fact, the town of Penryn has several popular fishing spots- nested in coves surrounded by the high cliffs that call Penryn home. For those that like trailing or biking; as well as, walking tours; there are several trails throughout the numerous gardens in the area; as well, there are great paths along the cliffs and harbor area. Many of the students in the area have also found that surfing the seas of Penryn is a great activity, as well.

At the center of the town seats itself a big clock tower; surrounded by little shops and galleries; once empty- now restored. For those that enjoy shopping and browsing the town square- you’re welcome to come in and visit. The restaurants and pubs throughout the town play host too many local favorite bands and musicians; there’s nothing quiet like the great fun, friends, and food found in the downtown area of Penryn.

Most accommodations throughout the Penryn area are century old homes that play host to visitors on holiday. Regardless, they are all well kept and feature modern day amenities. Most are within walking distance from the university campus and the downtown area. Most of the accommodations feature beautiful views of the seaside and cliffs that surround the mystical town; as well. These Bed and Breakfast accommodations offer visitors well-priced, spacious rooms; as well, most of the establishments are owned and operated by locals- there’s freshly prepared meals for all that call the houses home for their visit. For those that prefer sleeping out with nature; there’s camping sites and caravanning available for large and small families. There’s even one sheep farm that offers accommodations to families while on holiday. The thought of sleeping out under the stars in such a mystical surrounding is enough to get any avid sportsman excited.

A short or long stay in the town of Penryn has much to offer for couples, small and large families. Because the town is still not a major tourist capital; it offers quiet times spent with those you love- at very affordable prices. If you plan on visiting the Western Cornwall district; consider a trip to the small port town of Penryn; it’s a magnificent place to see. It offers those that visit a look at maritime history at its finest, sport fishing and boating, as well as, fine food and accommodations. It’s a diamond waiting to be found.


Penryn offers you a variety of choices when it comes to accommodation~

Bed & Breakfast
Bay View B&B, Sunnyside B&B, Jentone, Apple Tree Cottage, Steam Cottage, and Prospect House, will warmly welcome you.

Bell Cottage, Pampaluna, Springtide Apartments, Anchor Loft, Westend Holidays, Chy-an-Gwyn, Carnwidden Holidays, Heather & Lay, Hudd Poperties, Creation Accommodation, and Gadles Farm House, are some of the best self-catering cottages in Penryn.

You can enjoy the adventure of camping-out by hiring equipment and caravans from Calamankey Farm Campsite and Mennallack Farm Caravan & Camping Site.

The delicious food and chilled ale at Up The Creek Seafood Restaurant, Half Way House, Mariners, Penryn Fish-n-Chip, and Choy Hung House, will leave you asking for more!

Trip to Time
Being in Penryn, and taking-in all its historic relics and heritage pieces is like taking an intriguing trip through time...the beauty and culture of the past comes alive before your eyes...

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Penryn – Cornwall, has its reputation etched in granite, which it had exported to most parts of the world in the past. Now, it is a busy town flourishing with newer industries and is a centre for sailing. Sightings of boatyards and chandlers are very common in Penryn. With progressive restoration, this part of Cornwall has developed over the years and its recent addition includes the Tremough Student Campus. Amidst cobbled steps, town Penryn is lined with shops and galleries. It also boasts of having a beautiful clock tower and a museum situated in the town hall. There is no shortage of restaurants, pubs and cafeterias in Penryn, which are open well into the night. Many more attractions await visitors, not too far away from Penryn, Cornwall.