Mawgan Porth

The beautiful area of Cornwall holds a treasure trove of picturesque beaches and small quaint towns that are perfect for your next holiday or quick weekend getaway in the United Kingdom. Mawgan Porth is located here on the coast of Cornwall. Whether you want to relax and getaway for a short weekend on the coast of England, or fill a week with fun activities, Mawgan Porth is a wonderful place to find yourself. It offers so much more than just beautiful beaches and views.

First, if you are interested in the history of the United Kingdom then Mawgan Porth is a wonderful place to come and visit. You can search the ancient artifacts that were unearthed during the last century and learn a bit about the past people that roamed these shores over a thousand years ago. During the middle part of the 20th century, an ancient settlement was uncovered by archaeologists that dates all the way back to the Saxon times. Carbon dating has shown that some of the items found in the unearthed settlement were from the years of 850-1050. Can you imagine walking on the same ground as those from thousands of years ago and seeing the artifacts that they used in their daily lives? This is a great place to learn a little about the history of common man. This is also a wonderful place to bring children to let them see things from the past and help them understand what life was like for their ancestors many years ago. There are still groups from colleges that come to this area to look at how people previously lived. If you are lucky, perhaps you can see some anthropologists and college students in the area that can talk with you and give you more insight into these ancient people.

In current times, Mawgan Porth is a sleepy little village that comes to life during the booming tourist season in the United Kingdom. It may be small but it has lots to offer for the visiting tourist. If you want a beautiful and scenic view, as well as hospitable service then Mawgan Porth is a wonderful choice for your holiday. The beaches are known for their beauty. The white sands of Mawgan Porth are nestled between rugged and jagged cliff sides. If you search the internet for an aerial view of the beach at Mawgan Porth, you will be astounded at the beauty of what you are seeing.

One of the highest rated activities in Mawgan Porth is surfing. Surfing is an exhilarating sport that people of any age can do with some practice. You need to have excellent balance to be a surfer, as well as a love for the water. Although this is generally thought of as a sport for the young, in recent years many baby boomers have continued their love of surfing and can be found on the waters off of many different beaches. If you are interested in learning how to participate in this exciting sport, there are places one can stop on the beach and find help in the form of surfing lessons, or "surf school". As you peruse the beaches you will see a number of surfers in the area. Surfers from all over the United Kingdom flock to the beautiful beaches of Mawgan Porth to take place in the fun and exciting surfing found there.

If you aren't interested in surfing and perhaps want to do something more relaxing, then here are some other ideas for your time spent in Mawgan Porth. Many people simply come to enjoy the beach. You can lie out in the sun on the white sands, or simply walk the beaches searching for beautiful shells or buried treasure. If you want to try another relaxing activity, you can always try your hand at fishing in the sea or in the local river that empties into the ocean in the town of Mawgan Porth. Of course, you can also visit the ancient artifacts and have a long day of learning about the past. So whether you surf, swim fish, lie on the beach, or get an education on the past, you can stay busy during your stay to Mawgan Porth.

If you work up an appetite surfing or doing any of the other activities found in Mawgan Porth, there are a number of different places that you can stop to dine at. Whether you are looking for a fine-dining experience in a fancy restaurant or a small place that the locals frequent, you can find it in Mawgan Porth. Mawgan Porth has just a few restaurants due to the small size of the town, but they are all a great place to dine. Currently, around 3 of the hotels in the town have excellent restaurants and there are a few other small cafes and bistros to dine at during your stay. There are enough places that one can try all and choose a favorite to frequent during a long holiday. Also, if you find that you want to venture out of the town for a change in restaurant, this can be easily done. Mawgan Porth is located in Newquay and close to a number of other towns all found in just a short and scenic drive, which have a number of delicious restaurants for your dining pleasure.

As previously stated, Mawgan Porth is located in the Newquay area, and thus has a number of transportation options available for your traveling needs. There is public transportation available in the form of a bus and train system. There is also an airport located in Newquay, which is very accessible to the small town of Mawgan Porth. If you are interested in using the public transportation, there are a number of parking areas where one can leave their own vehicle, while riding through the Cornwall area of Mawgan Porth and Newquay. This is an excellent way to travel while in the United Kingdom because it is inexpensive and convenient. If you are an American or someone accustomed to driving differently than in Europe, this is a wonderful way to see the countryside of the United Kingdom without the worry and anxiety of driving in a way unaccustomed to the norm. You don't have to worry about anything but relaxing and enjoying the beautiful countryside as you ride the local trains and busses that are provided for the people of the United Kingdom.

If you find that you might be interested in visiting the beautiful Mawgan Porth, there are a number of places and types of different accommodations available to you. If you are accustomed to staying in a hotel, there are some beautiful hotels on the beaches at Mawgan Porth. Most of these hotels offer restaurants for convenience while on your trip to Mawgan Porth, as well as shops inside of them in case you find yourself in need of anything. If you enjoy staying in cottages, there are also a number of these available which can be found by doing a quick search of the web. These cottages offer wonderful views of the area as well as an extra bit of privacy for your needs while vacationing in Mawgan Porth.

As you now know, Mawgan Porth is a wonderful spot to take you and your family for a great getaway to the beaches of white sand and wonderful surf. Outstanding surfing, fishing, dining pleasures and hospitality await you on your next weekend getaway or long holiday to the beautiful town of Mawgan Porth.

There are options for hotels, bed & breakfast places, self-catering cottages and camping.

'Bedruthan Steps Hotel', 'Blue Bay Hotel', 'Carne Crest' and 'Sea Vista Hotel' offer you their professional services.

Bed & Breakfast
At 'Kernow Trek', 'Bre-pen Farm', 'The Merrymoor Inn' 'Welcome Cottages', 'The Falcon Inn' and 'Trevarrian Lodge ', you can experience the charm of Cornish hospitality.

At 'Carnewas Farm Holidays', 'Tamarisk Lodge', 'Blue Bay Lodges' and 'Merlin Farm House Cottages' you're ensured a warm and comfortable stay.

Camping and caravanning in the fresh, open countryside is an enthralling experience. The camping sites offer you a chance to live in the natural greens, with farm animals, sea-birds, wild rabbits and colourful butterflies for company. The backdrop of ancient trees and wild flowers makes Mawgan Porth a perfect place to set up camp.

'Penvose Farm', 'Trevarrian Holiday', 'Park Sun Haven', 'Valley Holiday Park' and 'Mawgan Porth Holiday Park' are the most popular camping and caravanning services in the vicinity.

You can savour the delectable sea-food and local flavours, with a mug of chilled beer, at the various restaurants of Mawgan Porth. 'The Fire Bar Bistro and Grill', 'Merrymoor Restaurant and Pub', 'The Riv', 'Blue Bay Restaurant', 'The Indigo Bay', and 'The Beach Cafe' are all enticing options, situated just a pebble's throw from the beach.

Magic of Mawgan Porth
The magic of Mawgan Porth lies in its untouched beauty, simplicity and its air of soft tranquillity.
Go there. Be charmed.

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There are many beaches in Cornwall, but only a selected few like Mawgan Porth can offer golden sands, beautiful oceans and mesmerizing sunsets to its tourists. Surrounded by a chain of cliffs from both sides, Mawgan Porth is ideal for those who are planning to surf. A surfing school on the beach makes it a very apt place for beginners or surfing enthusiast who never experienced the fun of cruising along the skies. Hotels and other modes of accommodation in Mawgan Porth are functional all round the year; this village in Cornwall is also great for sunbathing, surfing and many other forms of water sports in Mawgan Porth.