The city of Looe can be found on each side of the River Looe in Cornwall. Both sections are joined together by a Victorian style seven-arched bridge, which crosses over the river. Centuries ago, these towns were separate and were known as East and West Looe. East Looe is where the harbor and the main shopping center are located. West Looe is where you can find some of the smaller shops, accommodations, and restaurants.
When visiting Looe, unless you plan on parking near your hotel or other accommodation, you may want to park near the entrance to the town as to avoid parking on the narrow streets. On the other hand, you could come into Looe by train from Liskeard. By entering Looe, Cornwall by train, you will be able to see magnificent views, the river, and the countryside.
Looe is a city in which many come to fish since it is located right on the water. You can also enjoy the sandy beach and the sea. Therefore, many tourists come here to go yachting, sail boating, bathing, and enjoy different kinds of fishing, such as shark fishing. There are also several different sea trips that you can sign up for and explore the wonders of the sea. This could be a great family event for all ages. These set out from the habour every day during the season.
Another spot at East and West Looe that would be great for families is the beaches. There are beaches that are accessible from both sides. On East Looe, you can access the beach that is beside the Banjo Pier. On West Looe, you can access Hannafore Beach and have a fantastic view of the striking Looe Island.
Along the island, you can come across caves, coves, woodland trails, and much more. If the weather is good that day then it’s okay to go bathing, however, if the weather isn’t great, try one of the trails or caves or even the town museum. You are unable to access Looe Island by car, as there are no roads, no cars, or shops. The tide can rush in very quickly so it is recommended not to cross the rocky path to the Island without a guide accompanying you. The wisest travel would be by boat.
Since Looe is known as a fishing town/market, many fish dealers operate the docks at East Looe. Looe restaurants are known to provide the most marvelous fish. The main reason for this being is that the fish is fresh on a daily basis.
Looe is known for some of their New Year celebrations, and are commonly known to have the best in the United Kingdom. There is a magnificent fireworks display on the banjo pier that is viewed from people all around whether they are on the beach or the boardwalk. Many view this fireworks display from across the river as well. No matter where you are situated, this is a view that you won’t want to miss on your trip to Looe, Cornwall.
In East Looe, one of the oldest buildings can be found. It is the Old Guildhall, which is now the town’s museum. At the museum, you can gather more information about the town itself, its history, and even some of the ancient residents. You may be able to gather some information on the different accommodations that are available within Looe.
No matter what type of accommodation you choose when you visit Looe, you are sure to be near all the popular shopping, restaurants, events, and attractions. This is something that is desired by many tourists when deciding on their place of travel for the holiday. You can choose to stay in a bed and breakfast, hotel, or a self-catering cottage, all of which can be found closer to town or in the countryside if you prefer.
Whatever the case, you must keep in mind where you are staying and what your responsibilities will be. For the most part, in a bed and breakfast and hotel, you are provided with everything you need and do not have to wait on yourself. In a bed and breakfast, however, you are responsible for your own meals other than breakfast, as this is provided for you free.
In a self-catering accommodation, whether it be a cottage, an apartment, or else, you will be responsible for the upkeep of the home. You should treat it as if it is your own home. Although you will be near the beach, you may prefer a swimming pool. If this is the case, many hotels and self-catering accommodations have swimming pools for you to enjoy during your stay. It’s unlikely that a bed and breakfast will have one, but you may be lucky enough and book one that does!
Seeing that Looe is situated near the beaches of Cornwall, you can book a hotel or other accommodation that is near or practically on the water. This will allow for easy access to the beaches as well as magnificent views from where you are staying. You can also find accommodation that is situated a bit more in the countryside if you prefer more peace and quiet as well as privacy. You may also prefer the views rather than being close to the beach. If this is the case, then the countryside is definitely for you. Looking out from a hotel or other accommodation on top of a hill, you can see for miles and can experience the true beauty of Looe and Cornwall.
Within Looe, since it has become a very popular tourist destination, there are several hotels and other accommodations for travelers. There are also several different shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, and much more for the travelling individual or group. You can also find shops that offer ice cream and Cornish pastries. These are known to the UK and are a treat that you definitely should not pass up when visiting. So, book your stay today and experience the beauty of this magnificent city.

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Set apart by the River Looe, the East and West parts are connected by a bridge that runs across the river. East Looe is a bustling town, which boasts of a harbour and shopping centre whereas the West Looe allows one to breathe easy in its calm and peaceful atmosphere. Getting to Looe in Cornwall by train can be a memorable journey with a beautiful view of the countryside. The two beaches on either side of River Looe, appeal to those who enjoy lazing under the sun or diving into the welcoming sea. If you fancy seafood, then Looe lets you follow your dinner from the harbour quay, where the fishermen unload their catch, all the way to the kitchens of the fine restaurants in the locality. New Year is best celebrated in Looe, if one happens to be in Cornwall. With processions throughout the day and spectacular firework displays, this part of Cornwall promises to capture your heart.