Helston is located in the Kerrier district of Cornwall shire county, in the south western region of the United Kingdom. The town itself is built along the riverbanks of the Cober, and was an inland port in the past. The port declined in economic value, however, when a sandbar formed in front of the port. The Loe Bar helped create the biggest natural freshwater lake in all of Cornwall, which came to be known as Loe Pool. Fortunately, the lost of its port didn’t completely devastate the town, which managed to survive on its tin mines and cattle markets. Helston is technically the most southern town in all of the United Kingdom, beating out its closest rival of Penzance by a mere three kilometers. It recently celebrated its eight hundredth anniversary, marking when the town received its charter, and that makes it the second oldest town in Cornwall, following Marazion.

Helston is the perfect town to holiday in during any season, but if you’re planning a trip to this quaint village, make sure you plan a May visit. May is the month the famous Furry Dance takes place. Held on the eighth of May, the Furry Dance (known locally as the Flora Dance) is said to have originated in medieval times. The legends say that long ago, a dragon dropped a rock on Helston, and the town survived the attempted destruction. The Furry Dance is performed in celebration of the continued survival of the town against the dragon’s anger. During the day this dance is performed, Helston’s school children dance through the streets, and adults who were born in the parish and whom have been invited dance in a separate dance. Three dances are held over the course of the day, with the dancing line weaving in and out of various public and private grounds and houses. The same day, a mystery play called the Hal an Tow is performed, showing how St. George slew the dragon that had attempted the destruction of the town. This festival is a pre-Christian celebration of the passing of winter and the coming of spring. This celebration is recognized throughout the world as being thoroughly unique, and people come from countries around the world to see the festivities. Without a doubt, May is the time to visit Helston.

But no matter when you’re planning to visit, there will be several different options and choices of accommodations to support you and your family, your group, or your friends. There are dozens places to stay, including a variety of bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, hotels and motels, and self-catering cottages. No matter where you stay, you’re sure to feel right at home, as the locals are incredibly warm, kind, and friendly. Whether you prefer the quiet and secluded valley or if you’d prefer a view over the Lizard Peninsula, the area around Helston has been proclaimed an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so you’re sure to enjoy your accommodations.

Both history and nature enthusiasts are sure to enjoy Helston’s rich offerings. For the history aficionado, there are multiple museums, reconstructed Victorian villages, ancient mines, and many different castles nearby. There are monuments throughout town to various achievements and plaques commemorating the birthplace of the first man to be the world middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight champion, Bob Fitzsimmons. There is also an ancient cannon posted on the street, as though keeping an eye over the town protectively. For those who’d prefer modern day nature to olden relics, there is a vast amount of gardens nearby, and Loe Pool is a great place to see an amazing variety of waterfowl. There is a local fishing and boating lake that provide immense opportunity to view the local wildlife. Additionally, there is a national seal sanctuary in the area, which offers both underwater observations and wooded walks for the nature inclined.

Unbelievably, there’s still so much to do in Helston. A local theme park can entertain all ages for days on end, featuring rides and era-style entertainment. If you’re looking for a taste of home, Helston does have a cinema complex, so you can duck inside if you want to see the latest movies. There are also a few pubs around, so you can slake your thirst and get to know the locals as you plan your next great day. There are, of course, period shops as well as shops that sell the most modern items. No matter your need, you’re sure to find your favorite thing.

It’s important not to forget the local sports scene. Gymnastics and cricket are the most important sports in the area. With the access to Loe Pool, as well as the ocean beyond it, it’s needless to say that boating and fishing are popular. Other water sports, such as surfing and body boarding, also have a loyal following.

It is obvious that Helston has more to offer to a holiday vacationer than meets the eye. No matter if your group has tiny tots or if you’re looking for a place to retire, you’re sure to find something to entice your entire company for the duration of your visit. From the gorgeous and plentiful accommodations to the numerous activities, no one can find themselves bored in Helston’s happy roads. The Furry Dance in May draws thousands from all across the world, and they keep coming back, year after year. But no matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll find the thing that makes you come back every year. Visit Helston and discover the quaint village that will become your second home.

Helston offers a wide range of accommodation choices to suit every need and every budget.

Bed & Breakfast
Cornish Farm Holidays, Crown Inn, Longstone Farm, North Gunwin Farm, Roslyn Cottage, Skyburrriowe Cottage, Lyndale Cottage, and Treggedra Farm are among the best.

Hillsdale Holiday Cotages, Nanaplough Farm, Rock Cottage, and Merther Annex will happily welcome you.

You can rent-out clean and comfy caravans from Boscreage Caravan & Camping Park, Poldown Caravan Park, Retanna Holiday Park and Mudgeon Farm.

Coffee Bean Restaurant, Halzephron Inn, Morleys Restaurant, Nansloe Manor, Quasimodos, Red Snapper, Taj Indian Restaurant, Tandoori Nights, Witchball Restaurant, The Lions Den Bistro, The Old Cellers, and The Yard Bistro, are few of the many tempting restaurants which will tickle your taste-buds with their tantalizing recipes.

Heritage Trail
Visiting the wonderful town of Helston and absorbing its special air of yesteryear culture, is like embarking on an intriguing heritage trail...
...everything you find on the way will fascinate you with its unusual beauty!

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Helston, which was once a thriving port, proudly possesses Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake. Georgian and Victorian architecture is presented in all its splendour in this busy market town of Helston, Cornwall. Blue Anchor, a tavern that was once a rest house for monks, is situated in Coinagehall. This part of Cornwall consists of the oldest private brewery specializing in producing Spingo, a strong local Cornish brew. Visiting the Helston Folk Museum in the former butter market would also be a real treat for those who want to learn more mesmerizing Helston. There is no fee to enter the museum. Another fascinating place to visit while in Helston would be the St. Michael’s Church, which is located a stone throw away from the museum. The Elizabethan brasswares and a magnificent 24-branch chandelier can awe any mortal.