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Besides sightseeing, St Mawes in Cornwall also offers exciting opportunities to the tourists to engage in a number of activities. The coastline of Cornwall and the Roseland Peninsula has also made it one of the most popular places for maritime sports in Cornwall.

Tourists can engage in a host of water sports in St Mawes including surfing, sailing, swimming and many more. The region played host to the Inter-Celtic Watersports Festival that was held in 2006. Pilot gig rowing is one of the most popular activities in St Mawes and Cornwall. There are also many world championships that are held in St Mawes, on the Isles of Scilly, and Cornwall. There are also facilities for engaging in rock climbing on the coast of Cornwall. There are a lot of things that you can do while you are in this picturesque village of St Mawes.
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Lamorran gardens in St Mawes

One of the best things that you can do in St Mawes is to visit the Lamorran gardens. It is a sub tropical garden. This garden in St Mawes was started in 1982 when the property was bought by Mr and Mrs Dudley-Cooke. The garden is located in St Mawes on the Roseland peninsula and provides beautiful views of the St Anthony's Head and the lighthouse. The garden enjoys a pleasant climate and a walk through it is surely one of the best things to do while you are on a trip to St Mawes.

Tennis courts in St Mawes

If you enjoy a game of tennis, there is a tennis court in St Mawes, Cornwall that is located in the recreational grounds. You can rent it for a few hours while you enjoy a match with your family and friends. There are swings and slides in the grounds to keep your kids busy while the adults play tennis. The bookings of the courts are generally done at the tourist information centre that is located close to the St Mawes car park.

Boat hire in St Mawes

Another of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of St Mawes Cornwall, is by going around the area in a motorboat. You would be able to sight beautiful little villages as well as a number of creeks as you sail through the calm waters. You are sure to have a wonderful time at St Mawes while you are taking a boat ride around the Roseland Peninsula. You would also be able to see many pristine beaches as you take a ride in one of the boats.

Kayak hire in St Mawes

Another way to explore St Mawes is to hire a kayak. This is also an ideal way to spend a day in the area.

Walking in St Mawes

The walks on the Roseland peninsula and in St Mawes, Cornwall are one of the most beautiful walks in the world. You are sure to have a wonderful time while you take a walk along the walks. You can get detailed information about the walks from the tourist information center at St Mawes.

Billiards and pool

There are also facilities in St Mawes for you to engage in a game of billiards and pool should you want to stay indoors. There is also a huge patio area and television facilities to catch your favorite game. There are also well stocked bars where you can go for your drinks that are located in St Mawes.

Art galleries in St Mawes

There are a few art galleries that are located in St Mawes, Cornwall. These display works that have been done by the local artists from Cornwall. There are different types of paintings that are located here. There are both small sized paintings and huge canvases. The art galleries are definitely worth a visit while you are on a trip to St Mawes.

St Mawes castle

This is one of the best historical structures that is located in St Mawes, Cornwall. The St Mawes Castle - Cornwall was constructed by Henry VIII in the 16th century when there were threats of attacks from Spain. The counterpart of the castle is Pendennis which is located opposite St Mawes in Falmouth, Cornwall. The main building of the structure comprises a central tower that is surrounded from all sides by three lobes. Pendennis is a round tower that is enclosed by a low wall. Besides these there are several other historical structures that are present in the area.

Fishing in St Mawes

One of the activities that you can definitely engage in while you are on a tour to St Mawes Cornwall is fishing. There are many yacht clubs that are located in the area. It is an ideal place for anglers and there are many tourists who spend a great part of their vacation fishing in the waters of St Mawes Cornwall. There is also a good fishing fleet in the region.

St Mawes has excellent accommodation facilities. There are a number of hotels and self catering cottages that can be found in the village. These have all the facilities that are needed for you to have a comfortable stay while you are in St Mawes. There are also a number of restaurants in St Mawes, Cornwall where you can savor some of the best sea foods that are available in Cornwall. With so many options on offer you are sure to have a wonderful time while you are on holiday in St Mawes.

The history of the county of Cornwall dates back to the time when Britain was occupied once again by the invading Romans at the end of the Ice age. The inhabitants of Cornwall spoke in the Celtic language that afterwards became the Cornish language. After the rule of the Romans ended the country again came under the control of the Celtic chieftains.

The county of Cornwall boasts of a rich culture. It has a pleasant climate and has been one of the most favored destinations of the tourists. There are unending stretches of sandy beaches as well as steep cliffs that can be found in the region. There are also abundant moorland, wooded valleys and gardens. Cornwall is full of the most beautiful natural splendors and you are sure to have a wonderful time while you are on a trip to St Mawes and Cornwall.

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