At first glance, the town of Rock is essentially sandy. Not rocky. Sandy. Although it may very well seem to be one of the worst named towns in history, truth is there was once a local quarry that supplied rocks to ships for use as ballast, and it is from there that the name Rock came into being. Unfortunately, this historic institution from which Rock derived its name now only exists as a car park.

Home to the Rich and Famous

At first sight, Rock may appear like just another Cornish town; however that presumption could not be further from the truth. Rumor would have it that the quaint Cornish town of Rock has more millionaires per square foot than anywhere else in Cornwall.
Sometimes it all appears very suspicious, but nestled amidst the trees supposedly are exclusive apartments and large mansions, subtly hidden from view. Privacy is obviously meant to be important to the famous, and it is no surprise that the Rock is said to radiate an unwelcome feeling for those who aren’t members of the select crowd.
Along with the influx of famous names, and even more famous faces, the Rock has gradually seen a spate of sharp expansion and progress, with exclusive boutiques, entertainment outlets, and even some fairly upscale restaurants including the Black Pig that has a Michelin star.
Simply put, Rock is changing quickly as others seek to take advantage of the presence of so many celebrities in one place. Such things are normal, and should not impact the Rock too badly in the long term, however in the short term the changes might take some getting accustomed to for those who knew the town before the arrival of fame.

Accommodation: Where to Stay?

As far as accommodation is concerned, there is pretty much anything that could be desired at Rock. Depending on the price range of the accommodation that is being looked for, various options could be considered. In the most expensive price range would be some fairly exclusive holiday options that have surfaced mainly for the needs of some of the celebrities that visit Rock.
Laying that aside, there are some fairly reasonably priced hotels, as well as the usual range of bed and breakfast or self catering establishments that would suit those on tight budgets. Students and backpackers tend to flock to self catering establishments, seeing as they plan to be out mostly and only really use their rooms to sleep and keep their luggage. On the other hand, bed and breakfasts can be economical, depending on the price range.

Beach Leisure Pursuits

Even compared to the many other beaches throughout Cornwall, Rock emerges as a strong frontrunner in terms of activities available on the beach. As a matter of fact, the only activity that is not available at Rock is surfing, the one activity available most everywhere else in Cornwall.
Unfortunately, the reason behind the unavailability of surfing is one of location, owing to the fact that Rock is sheltered from winds and hence does not experience strong waves. While this is brilliant for families on holiday with children, it means that surfers staying at Rock will have to go to one of the other fairly nearby beaches in order to engage in their favorite past time.
Still, the lack of surfing is not so huge a loss considering that it is replaced by a full variety of other options including angling, fishing trips, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing and water skiing. Both the angling and fishing trips are relaxing and can truly help take the mind off any concerns through the therapeutic rhythm of fishing.
With such a wide choice of options, even the most hardened surfer may be hard pressed not to be tempted to at least give something else a try, perhaps even water skiing. However, for any who have their heart truly set on surfing, all that needs to be done is to take a few miles trip to Polzeath.
Of all the sports offered at Rock however, sailing is by far the most popular. Some holiday-goers might be tempted to join the prestigious sailing club with a variety of boats ranging from dinghies to luxury yachts constantly moored outside.

Other Places of Interest

Across the river from Rock is the town of Padstow which is by far the larger of the two. A ferry service known as the Blacktor Ferry carries people back and forth from one back to the other, and much of the tourist traffic through the Rock comes from this service. It should be noted that there is a long history of rivalry, animosity, and just general bad-blood between the locals of Padstow and Rock, so it might be wise not to get involved should anything of that kind happen.
One excellent place to visit to get a tan is Daymer Bay, which is not too far away from Rock and is perfect for sunbathing. Due to it being safe, it is catching on in popularity as more and more families make the trip to spend an afternoon or so soaking up the sun.

Despite being increasingly referred to as ‘Chelsea-on-Sea’ in reference to its sudden influx of the millionaire crowd, to be completely realistic, a few millionaires purchasing holiday homes in a certain place is not going to turn it into the next Hollywood. That said, with all the more exclusive shops and services that seem to have followed the scent of fame, it is pretty much guaranteed that the Rock might not remain as it is now for very much longer.
No matter what however, no amount of celebrity will be able to detract from the stunning natural beauty of Cornwall, or the sheer wealth of holidaying opportunities available for fairly affordable prices. For its part, some developments here and there can’t hurt Rock, even if perhaps some of it is targeted above the price range of the regular Joe. All that remains is to see what path Rock takes, but in the meantime it is still an unrivalled holiday destination for sailing and other associated leisure activities in Cornwall.

Contrary to the “affluent air” that Rock is associated with, there are various accommodation choices on offer, catering to varied needs and budgets.

The St.Endoc Hotel,The Mariners Hotel,The Cornish Cottage Hotel andGleneglos Hotel are the most popular hotels in Rock.

Bed & Breakfast
Silvermead Guest House, Trewiston Farm & Caravan Park, Old Vicarage, Porthilly Brook Holiday House and Tzizikama Lodge will happily welcome you into their warm space.

Rock has numerous options for self-catering.
The Beach Flat, Tintamar, Ty-Ros Vean, Brambles Cottage, Camel Point, Croftlands,Grass Court, Gybe-Oh, Hideaway, Hollyrocks, Little Thirft, Moorings, Seamist, Penmayne Rocks and Sahara are among the best.

You can get a taste of adventure by camping-out in the beautiful opens of Rock.
You can hire comfy caravans fromRock Holidays andSt. Minver Holiday Park.

Menus ranging from delicious local sea-food to exquisite fare in boutique restaurants are on the platter at Rock. Burridges Restaurant, St.Enodoc Restaurant, Mariners, The Rock Inn, LEstuaire and Blue Tomato Cafe will leave you asking for more.

“Sea Fever”
“I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.”

John Masefield might have well been talking about Rock. Because...beyond all the charms and trappings, its the haunting waters that will captivate you...

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Situated across the Camel Estuary from Padstow, Rock is a popular sandy town in Cornwall. Its affluent localities and residents, which include some members of the Royal family, is home to more millionaires than any other part of Cornwall. Immaculate fine wine and a variety of cheeses, which are stocked in a village shop, reveal the fine lifestyle the locals in Rock thrive in. Luxurious villas and apartments, which are discreetly located, are not uncommon in Rock. Black Pig, one of the Michelin starred restaurants in Cornwall boasts of its existence in Rock. Casual visitors and tourists will find this town’s atmosphere very welcoming and there are many self catering holiday homes to take advantage of. Rock's lazy, shimmering beach invites one to drench in its low waters. Sailing, canoing, and windsurfing are some of the prominent water based leisure activities one can indulge in at Rock. Surrender to the high life at Rock.