Redruth in Cornwall UK

No matter which direction you are travelling from, you can access Redruth easily. Both the North and South Cornish Coasts can access it. Many ancient monuments and parks are situated ideally within proper distance of Redruth for you to visit while on your vacation in Redruth, Cornwall.

Conductivity of electricity and heat, resistance to corrosion, malleability, ductility, and beauty—these are only few of the copper properties and few reasons of its high demand. And where else in Cornwall, United Kingdom can one find the richest mining history for copper but in Redruth.

Redruth is a town in the Kerrier District. The town’s name was taken from “rhyd” and “druth.” Rhyd is a term in Cornish meaning ford or across a river while druth means the color red. It was a place of high vegetation and dream of an industrial revolution.

During the 14th century, Redruth was a hub to tin mining industry. However, due to the lesser interest to tin element during those days, Redruth residents resort to tilling the land and being craftsmen. Only few Redruth populations chose to be tin miners.

Though tin production is only small, the Redruth produced tins are used on copper vessels as protective coating. Tin is also an important element to common alloys bronze, solder, and type metal. Aerospace industry and some insecticides are using tin as one of their important ingredients. Though tins are popular, it did not contribute a lot in the boom of Redruth economy.

After few years of hopeless gain of economic development, copper mining in Redruth boomed. Many scholars believe that this was due to the proliferating use of steam engines. Using this, copper can be mined easier. During that particular time in Redruth history, copper and tin elements were the common source of income of almost all Redruth families. More and more people in Redruth become miners. Even people from other parts of the world migrated to Redruth just to mine copper and tin from the town.

With the mined copper from Redruth, coins can be produced and high quality and durable cooking utensils can be created. Copper was also used for sheathing the bottom of a wooden ship to prevent its fouling. This element can also be electroplated and be a base for other metals.

However, discoveries of copper in Redruth declined until lesser and lesser copper and tin was found in the town. Many miners of Redruth went to other places to mine for coppers.

Though copper is not a major interest of Redruth in the modern time, this element has still contributed a lot to the rich culture and history of the town. The miners who went cross-country for mining, before leaving Redruth, has made many interesting stone buildings that are still standing today.

If you are interested to see the mining history and other historical events in Redruth, you can visit the museum made by the Old Cornwall Society. This is now housed in the Redruth Council office. You can also visit Carn Brea of Redruth. This is one of the most historical points of interest of the town.

Aside from the rich history, Redruth also offers multi-screen cinema, the Cornish Studies Center, and a nicely covered market way. You can also find here different antique shops where you can find old copper and tin products of the town. There are also second hand book shops here where you can buy hard-to-find titles of great world authors.

You can also visit the Coach Lane where you can have a free time-travel. There, you can see the Redruth’s first railway station which was opened in 1838. You can also enjoy the Fore Street which is known as the town’s main shopping site.

Visiting the home of the inventor William Murdoch is also an interesting place to go in Redruth. This house is believed to be the first house to use a piped coal gas. Now, the house contains the Global Migration Project. Most tourists go in this place to locate their Cornish relatives and ancestors. Who knows, you might have a Cornish ancestor who lived in Redruth and became a copper miner there.

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