Praa Sands in Cornwall UK

Nestling contentedly in the Cornish countryside, is the pretty petite village of Praa Sands. Endowed with a fascinating geology, idyllic vistas and enchanting wildlife, this lovely village is also blessed with warm and hospitable people.

Praa Sands Beach
The beautiful beach of Praa Sand is a mile-long rhapsody of lovely soft golden sand. Do relax on this sun-kissed sand, inhale the sharp sea-air and listen to the cries of the flying sea-gulls…Youll be transfixed…
The water is blue and buoyant. You can jump in for a splash, and even surf its sensational swells!
Children will enjoy playing in the delightful rock-pools and will love exploring around the shifting sand dunes which back this endearing beach.

The Story of The Land
Praa Sands is set on an ancient land with an unusual geology. Its story and queer structure will surely fascinate you!
Praa Sands owes its existence to a long-lost sea, which existed 370 million years ago! Aeons passed, and the sea-bed metamorphosed into sedimentary rock, due to the extreme pressure and heat. And around 50,000 years ago, Praa Sands was gripped in the middle of a biting Ice Age. The soil surface cracked and the inner layers of earth froze.
As you walk in the cliffs, you can observe these “ice-wedges” – pale vertical structures, protruding amongst the rugged weathered rock, and marvel at their incredible journey through the centuries…

Wondrous Wildlife
To absorb the wild beauty of the fascinating flora and fauna of Praa Sands, take a walk in its charming countryside. Healthy green plants and old old trees thrive in the calcium-rich soil of Praa Sands. An astonishing array of vivid wild flowers burst out from any crack they find. Their glorious colours and subtle fragrances will bewitch you!
As you walk along, many a scampering wild rabbit and badger will come your way. Rare butterflies will flutter and flit in careless joy. And sometimes, you can even catch sight of migratory birds which fly in all the way from Africa!
Praa Sands is an absolute treasure-house of wildlife!

Praa Sands Golf Course
Apart from its natural treasures, Praa Sands is also home to a delightful nine-hole golf course. It even boasts of providing a “deceptively challenging Par 62 for men and Par 64 for ladies”. As you putt around the greens, be sure to stop and take-in the panoramic view of the sparkling blue bay and lush green countryside. It will take your breath away…

You can soak-in on the famed hospitality of Praa Sands by staying in warm Bed & Breakfast homes and Self-catering cottages. You can also rent-out a clean and comfortable caravan and loll in the lap of nature.

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