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File 1869Every location has its jewels, some of which may even be embedded far out of sight. For the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall, Portloe is one such jewel, glittering gently as it rests nestled in a cove with steep sided valleys on either side. Where other villages may be beautiful, some even breathtakingly so, Portloe defines beauty with its very existence, untouched.

Of course, Portloe has been through its own fair share of changes, as most villages in Cornwall have. From fishing and smuggling, to tourism, may seem like a big leap considering the changes, however in the case of Portloe that does not seem overly apparent. Somehow, Portloe seems to recognize the draw it has by preserving its style, and seemingly makes every effort to do so. Naturally, amenities such as Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, as well as Self Catering Cottages can be found.

Brief History of Portloe

With its name derived from the Cornish ‘Porth Logh’, which translates as ‘cave pool’, Portloe had the advantage of being sheltered naturally by its very own geography. Directly due to this strength, it prospered quickly into a bustling pilchard (sardine) fishing port, as the type of fish was found abundantly in the surrounding waters.

Compared to some other villages, Portloe in Cornwall came into its own only fairly recently, with the mentioned development of a fishing port occurring as late as the 17th and 18th century. Despite this, its swift growth continued onwards right up till the 20th century.

File 1870Of course, no Cornwall fishing village would be complete without having been affected by smuggling in some form or other, and Portloe is no exception. Mostly, the content smuggled was French Brandy, though there have been various other products over the years, to be sure. Eventually by the 19th century, Customs came down hard on the smuggling when they felt it had breached any acceptable levels. Of course, it was always easier said than done to stop the smuggling trade.

More recently, Portloe underwent its transformation from fishing village to tourism destination. Holding its long-known reputation for being one of the most stunning villages in Cornwall, this change suited Portloe ideally and has allowed it to revitalize itself in some fashions.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Not only has Portloe’s reputation aided it along the way, but it also allowed it to become one of the prime candidates for film shooting locations. Developments such as these have only added prestige to Portloe’s name, and drawn ever more visitors to it. Ever since its big screen debut, Portloe has been a double for both Ireland and the Mediterranean. Being quiet, secluded, calm while at the same time breathtakingly beautiful, and well preserved, it is easy to see why a number of film and television productions have been made using Portloe as the backdrop. Today, Portloe’s film career is on hold, but who knows what movie the rustic Cornwall village will show up in next.

Staying in Portloe - Accommodation

File 1871Spending the night in Portloe is hardly a chore; in fact, there are few better things that can be experienced than the sight of the dawn sky from one of the most beautiful villages in the world. For all its beauty however, the standard concerns when choosing the accommodation still apply. Bed and breakfast? Self catering cottages? Hotels? Rented cottages?

All types of accommodation are generally on offer at Portloe, Cornwall,  so at least resting easy once minds are made up is possible. One other concern that should be addressed is: How long a stay? Longer the stay, more time to appreciate the natural beauty and surrounding areas is the general rule. Of course, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to spend as long as might be desired due to limitations on leave, or other pressing matters that might intervene. Still, having some small idea can’t hurt.

Places to visit - Attractions

With so many things to do and places to see, time will fly by. In Portloe, as opposed to other holiday destinations, the one great strength is that the serene beauty is in the village itself. This fact alone raises a number of possibilities, and may even spark a few other ideas.

When surrounded by such beauty, why go anywhere else? Spending time within the confines of Portloe itself can really be enough to satisfy anyone. For instance, taking strolls through the village, meeting the locals and admiring the buildings is something that could take a day or two at very least. On top of that, there is the harbour to visit and maybe even purchase a fresh lobster from, or simply watch the fishermen ply their trade. Perhaps it would even be possible to locate a quiet café and sitting down with a drink and a book for some good old fashioned relaxation.

File 1872No confines really limit the possibilities, and the entire holiday to Portloe is completely in the hands of the visitor. All that is assured is the beauty, fresh air, and true fishing port lifestyle that has remained intact down the years. For those not content to pass the time in the village proper, there are alternatives in the form of Portholland and Caerhays. The former, Portholland, is a magnificent cove that is close to Portloe. On the other hand, Caerhays, while equally close, is a castle and beach that would be of interest to most with the time to spare.

As the jewel of Roseland, Portloe’s distinct magical wonders are hard to touch on, and all in the nuances. Unlike some other villages, the majority of its buildings stand today in exactly the same way as they were constructed, making it the authentic experience. Strangely, this authenticity does not sacrifice any of the beauty, but rather accentuates it, and gives it a starker comparison to work with. Visitors to Portloe may not find heaven, but they certainly will come as close to it as possible. Everyone needs a break at some time or other, so why not in a place where beauty is at a proverbial pinnacle. One thing is sure; Portloe looks set to continue sparkling on.


The sleepy village of Portloe offers you a choice of attractive Cornish Bed & Breakfast homes, and clean and comfy Self-Catering cottages.

Portloe Bed & Breakfast

Lugger Hote, Tubbs Mill, and Trenona Farms, are lovely homey bed and breakfast places in pretty Portloe.

Self-Catering Cottages in Portloe

Trehaven View, Lower Penvose Cottages, Roseland Holiday Cottages, Pond Meadow Cottage, The Mill House, The Olde Engine House, and Creedy Cottage, are all charming self-catering cottages which will love to welcome you.

Restaurants and Pubs in Portloe

You can tuck into fresh farm food and scrumptious sea-fare at The Lugger Hotel Restaurant, Tregain Tearoom & Restaurant, and The Ship Inn. And make sure you dont miss the Portloe specialities – clear crab soup, home-made meringues, treacle pudding with clotted cream, and chilled real ale.

Picturesque Portloe

The little land of Portloe is a village from another time and another age...
It is remarkable how the locals have preserved its raw beauty and rich culture. Visit it and take a magical trip back in time...

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Portloe is a small fishing village on the southern coast of Cornwall on the Roseland Peninsula. Portloe with its blazing charm allows both coastal and inland fishing. But that’s not all – if you happen to be a lover of arts, explore the galleries in Portloe which is worth a visit. Also very popular in this part of Cornwall, the beautiful gardens like Trellissick, Trebah Garden and Glendurgan are a must-see for every tourist and close by to Portloe. If you are planning for some adventures like swimming and exploring the rockpools, then visit the beaches of Carne and Pendower. Portloe is a village that has something to offer to everyone.