Tucked in within a sheltered cliff inlet along the coast of Cornwall is the rustic, untouched beauty that is the fishing port village of Polperro. As a conservation village, it offers to its visitors the taste of a starkly different life compared to the noisy hustle and bustle of the cities. Instead of air thick with smoke, the only scent on the fresh Polperro air is that of the sea. As opposed to the constant sound of traffic, there are only the sounds of the fishermen as they ply their trade, the birds as they chirp softly, and the breeze as it rustles the leaves.

Travel to Polperro for a Holiday

Due to its location, Polperro is easily accessible to any who may wish to visit it. A quick flight to Plymouth, Cornwall, is one of the options of choice for most tourists, and from there it is scarcely a 25 mile trip on to Polperro. Some even opt to take out accommodation in Plymouth, be it in the form of a hotel, bed and breakfast, or self catering, and proceed with a day trip to Polperro.
Similarly, when travelling by train, it is possible to go via Plymouth as well. However, the closest mainline station is really Liskeard, only 14 or so miles away. This option would be better for those wanting to stay in accommodation at Polperro itself, which has many a bed and breakfast, hotels, or self catering facility.
Despite the fact that it is possible to drive to Polperro for a holiday, visitors should be aware that due to the narrow nature of the streets that make them inaccessible to cars at times, driving is not permitted within the village. Thus visitors can park their cars in the main car park located outside, and stroll into the village while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Spend a Night in Polperro’s Accommodation

Due to the fact that a large part of Polperro now centers on the year-round tourism that it attracts, it should be no surprise that there are several viable options for spending the night. More than that, it comes highly recommended to spend at very least one night, for only then can the true beauty of Polperro be experienced.
Depending on taste, it may not necessarily have to be some of the small hotels that appeal; it could even be a bed or breakfast, or self catering establishment to cut on expenses. Options are definitely available.
Essentially, the many small hotels and guest houses that are mostly within, or just outside, the village proper, offer comfort and convenience. On the other hand, there are many very decent bed and breakfast or self catering establishments that provide all that is necessary. Also, for those that may be interested in spending slightly longer, some very scenic cottages and flats are often available to rent and are perfect for a family holiday.
No matter what type of accommodation is chosen, staying the night will allow for appreciation of the late evenings and early mornings that are some of the best times in Polperro. During these hours, when it is slightly quieter and the bulk of the tourists that are making day-trips have moved on, Polperro is a sight to behold.
With mostly just the local people around, it is the very definition of pleasant to take strolls along the narrow streets and take in the fresh air, exquisite scenery, and soft sounds of the village. No holiday to Polperro would be complete without such an experience.

Some Sights of Polperro

As is common knowledge, the most renowned parts of Polperro are the quaint sights of the village. A few special locations do stand out however, all of which in a way that contribute to the atmosphere that Polperro, Cornwall has somehow preserved over the years.
For instance, there is the one Inn and Mill that boasts an impressive 12-ton waterwheel. Also, of course, is the harbor, that is still used today by the local fisherman and as such it is possible to purchase literally ‘flopping’ fresh fish.
These selfsame fishermen are normally some of those that operate boat tours along the coast to various bays while providing a commentary concerning their past usage back when Polperro was a smuggling haven. For an even more in depth look into that less than rosy past, there is the Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing.
Of course, there are many, many shops and stores that sell various souvenirs and the like, as well as several decent swimming spots. Most of these beaches can be pointed out by the hotels, bed and breakfast, or self catering accommodations operators.

Events Not to Miss

Numerous events run year long at Polperro, but some are particularly special. Every summer, the Arts Festival is held, and should not be missed if holidaying roughly at that time. Other festivals include the Water Carnival and Furry Dance.
On a more regular basis, Morris men and Clog dancers often pass through the village and put up shows. However, when speaking of shows it would be an injustice not to mention the Polperro Fishermen’s Choir that is famous far and wide in Cornwall.
Various establishments also tend to have small events on their own from time to time. Cornish dance workshops, firework displays, art exhibitions, and various live music events are constantly advertised and always tend to entertain.

For a village supposedly ‘left behind’ as time rolled on by, Polperro is truly wealthy as a result. As visitors travel in droves to try for a taste of the life that once was, and that secretly some probably still even long for, Polperro manages to maintain its heritage while welcoming its visitors with open arms.
With the facilities available in terms of accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfast, or self catering establishments, Polperro is a choice destination for any discerning holiday enthusiast, and is even ideal for those who want only a nice, quiet getaway to a coastal village with breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

This hospitable village offers you many accommodation options.

The Claremont Hotel and The Talland Bay Hotel are two fantastic hotels situated in the heart of Polperro.

Bed & Breakfast
Greystone Pool Bed & Breakfast, Allhays County B&B, Crumplehorn Inn & Mill, Higher Polgassic B&B, Little Tregue Cottage, and The Cottles, will offer you a warm cosy bed and delicious Cornish breakfast.

Osprey Holidays, Warren Cottage, Fox Valley Cottages, Meadow Barn, Pennellick Barn, Classy cottages, and Failte Cottage, are amongst the best self-catering cottages in the pretty village of Polperro.

Camping and Caravanning
You can lose yourself in the lap of Nature, by camping out in the beautiful countryside of Polperro. Kiligarth Manor Caravan Park, Little Tregue Camping, and Talland Bay Camping, will readily rent-out clean and comfy caravans.

Nelsons Restaurant, Captain Nemos Bar, Couchs Great House Restaurant, The Old Mill House, Piskies Pantry, Kitchen Restaurant, House On The Props, and Mariners Restaurant, will all tantalise you with their scrumptious sea-fare and chilled beer.

Humble Haven

This sleepy olde worlde village is a humble haven of perfect peace and bewitching beauty. Youll be smitten.

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Polperro is a shopper’s paradise for visitors who fancy gifts. Shops filled to the brim with paintings, pottery, artifacts and jewelery are found in every corner of this Cornish fishing village. Polperro's attractive cottages seem to burst with colors in the summer when the wild flowers dominate them; Polperro’s beauty is best enjoyed on foot. This little village in Cornwall is well known for its annual community events such as the Water Carnival and Furry Dance. Polperro also hosts an Arts Festival every June. Polperro’s fishermen’s choir is well known throughout Cornwall and their performances on the quayside during the season must not be missed. With its rocky shores and Clog dancers, a mere thought of Polperro in Cornwall will bring a smile to your lips.