Penryn in Cornwall UK

A medieval market and flourishing through the centuries... A beautiful borough...cherishing and celebrating its precious Cornish culture... A charming countryside...blossoming and blooming with untouched beauty... Penryn.

The River Town
The pretty town of Penryn flourishes along the banks of the ancient Penryn River, in Cornwall. Through the centuries it has had visitors from far away lands patronising it for its granite supplies.
As you stroll along the river, youll see many disused stone quarries, coal yards, ancient warehouses, and curious remains of chandlers shops. Do explore around, it can be quite interesting!

A little away from the town is the peaceful Agral Lake. You can take along your fishing rod and picnic basket and enjoy the quiet beauty of this lovely lake. The gentle blue waters and the surrounding greenery will hum a soft song thatll mesmerise you...

History And Heritage
Penryns date with history can be rooted to the medieval times. It harboured numerous ships which came to import its famous granite and tin. The community here has largely been involved in quarrying, mining and fishing.

As you stroll through the cobbled lanes of this attractive town youll come across many delightful old granite houses, built in charming Cornish styles. There are houses and buildings dating back to the Tudor, Jacobean, and Georgian times!

At the heart of Penryn, in the Town Hall, is the magnificent Penryn Museum. Here you can observe the various relics, artefacts and tools of the erstwhile dwellers of Penryn. The museum has carefully re-created the architecture, lifestyle and culture of the Cornish natives. It also has an impressive collection of rare photographs of bygone days.
The artful display and depiction will take you back in time...

Cantering through the Countryside
Penryn offers you many interesting walking trails through its beautiful countryside. Put on your walking shoes and set off on the well-worn paths. Youre in for a rare treat!

One popular walking path begins as a gentle slope through the quiet lanes of the countryside. It leads through shady woodlands made up of ancient trees and exuberant wild flowers. Breathing-in that lovely crisp air, absorbing the untouched beauty, and listening to the chirping birds, will completely refresh and rejuvenate you...

Another path goes along the Penryn River. On your way youll come across many fishermen huts and ancient quarries. And youll spot a variety of aquatic birds revelling in the open air and clean waters.
This path is also believed to be haunted! The locals will tell you fascinating stories about a ghostly coach of headless horses which appears here, every Christmas...
...and if you stare at it, its ghoulish coachman will spirit you away...!

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