Pendeen in Cornwall UK

A little village tucked away on the north coast of West Cornwall...a village with eighteenth-century tin-mines... ancient glowing caves... fascinating folk-lore of smugglers and sprites... dramatic Cornish cliffs...
The pretty hamlet of Pendeen is all this and more!

Geevor Tin Mines
This enthralling tin-mine of Pendeen is “the largest preserved mining site and museum in the UK.” You can go on its guided underground-tours and witness the intriguing process of tin-extraction.
Geevor also has a wonderful museum which has carefully reconstructed the live-style and culture of the long-gone miners. Quite a few of the locals are direct descendents of these miners, and theyll tell you many an interesting anecdote. Be sure to ask them!

Pendeen Watch
Over the centuries numerous ships have been dashed to bits on the treacherous rocks of the coast-line of Pendeen. To safe-guard the vessels from this savage coast-line, Pendeen light-house was built in 1900. Its 17-meter long white tower throws a powerful beam which protects the surrounding 16 miles of sea!
You can go up to the two rooms in the tower and take a look at the original five-wick oil lantern. And the view from there is quite simply breathtaking!

Pendeen Fogou
The Vau or Fogou is an ancient cave, dating back to the first century B.C. It is an archaeological treasure and the source for many fantastic folk-tales. It is said to be a mystical place of worship of long-gone natives, which was later used as the hidey-hole of the sea-smugglers.
You can explore the orphic cave and its three quartz-lined passages, which shine with an eerie-light. And listen to the local tales of the sprite of a beautiful lady who appears in the Fogou on Christmas day, with a red rose in her mouth!
The Pendeen Fogou will definitely bewitch you!

The Village
The small close-knit community of Pendeen take justifiable pride in their village. Charming cottages sit daintily in small cobbled lanes, delightful little gift stores attract you with their local knick-knacks, pretty vivid flowers grow in wild abandonment, the lovely Pendeen Church warms the heart and the art-galleries captivate your senses. Theres even a gem-workshop and a pottery-workshop that you can visit.
A walk down the village lanes is a definite treat for the eyes!

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