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Launceston is an important town in Cornwall, UK. The importance of this town comes from the early history of the county of Cornwall when Launceston used to be the capital of it. The surface of the town is also pretty generous as are all the elements fount within this town. Launceston is hence a historical town as well, as the other towns in Cornwall and its features are also inspired from the history of this county even nowadays.

A very interesting fact about Launceston is that it is identical in name with another town of its similar size and features in Tasmania, Australia. This interesting fact is what makes many tourists come here in order to make a comparison between the two towns that share the same name.
But if we analyze the features of Launceston in Cornwall we will surely notice the great difference between the two and the multitude of unique elements that characterize the former capital city of Cornwall.

Launceston is situated in the north of Cornwall and in the past it represented the so called “gateway to Cornwall” for the exterior territories. The town’s name was slightly different in the Cornish language. We may notice that back in the period in which it was a civil parish, Launceston was named Dunheved by the Saxons. This change of the town’s name into Launceston is a mark of the modern period in which this town was also considered as an important territory for the county of Cornwall in general and for the relations that Cornwall had with the exterior areas, due to its extreme position in the north.

From the point of view of the relief, we may notice that Launceston was initially built on the side of a pretty large hill and for this reason it is important to note the climate of this town in the respect that it is typical for this type of relief.

There are many tourists who are aware of the great natural beauty and also of the traditional, historical and cultural elements that characterize Launceston and for this fact it is very important to notice the popularity of this town as a travel destination. This Cornwall town provides a variety of elements to be explored and enjoyed during a holiday spent here. Hence, we may consider the variety of reasons for which people choose Launceston as a travel destination. The elements of architecture and of inner organization are considered to be very important for the fact that Launceston has become very popular among tourists.

All the features of Launceston, including the natural and the historical ones fusion in order to create an original overall image and contribute to the features that make Launceston is one of the most popular towns that tourists choose for visiting or even for spending their vacations. The accommodation places are also varied and created in function of the tourists’ budgets and for this reason this town may be considered as a really complex place to visit and to explore.

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