Launceston is located at the North of Cornwall and is known as the Gateway to Cornwall as it is in very close proximity to the border. Launceston is also known as the ancient capital of Cornwall. A good thing about Launceston is that it is practically immune to flooding due to the fact that it is built on the side of a hill! Wouldn’t that be a site to see?

This town has a lot of historical significance including history from the Civil War to the World War II. If you are interested in the history of the United Kingdom, England, and Cornwall then Launceston is a great town to travel to. The town is full of excitement, attractions, and museums for almost everyone to enjoy. There are several different unique castles and monuments to visit that are within the countryside and town. Some of these attractions have beautiful crown moldings and delicate carvings.
Launceston has been known as a market town for centuries and is no longer known as the capitol of Cornwall. Downtown Launceston holds historical significance with many ancient homes and buildings although many have been demolished.
A very extravagant historical place to visit in Launceston is located near the town square and is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. This is one of the historical buildings with such extravagant carvings. One reason this is a popular destination to tourists is that this churchyard is said to be haunted. It is said that if you have a stiff neck, to go to the last deceased person, opposite of your own sex, wave your hand from the head to the foot and wipe some dew on your neck – and you’ll be cured! You would have to visit to find the truth in this. There are many other ghost stories of the town of Launceston such as stories from Yeolmbridge, Botathon, and Hingston Down. You can find more information on those by asking a resident of Launceston or online.
The Launceston Steam Railway Station is still intact and running today. In addition to the steam trains, you can find other means of transportation such as locomotives. There is also a workshop that you can visit to entertain yourself while visiting Launceston.

So, now that you have decided to travel to Launceston, what should be next on your list? You will need a place to stay while in Launceston, so you need to decide on the specific type of accommodation you would like.

Launceston is a city that seems to lure visitors and travelers to discover the many possible explorations that this city has to offer. Not only that, but the city seems to lure travelers in to discover the wonders of the Launceston hotels. The hotels come equipped with swimming pools, conference rooms for business meetings, gardens, adequate parking, and much more! Many of the hotels in Launceston overlook the wondrous views of Cornwall and allows for many travelers to explore the tranquility of the city.
On different sides of the town, you can find hotels that offer different amenities. You can find one on one side of town that is cozy and peaceful while on the other side of the town you can find one with exquisite views. You can also find hotels that offer a spa onsite, which can be wonderful if you need a day of relaxing. This may be the whole reason you are on a holiday vacation –for relaxation.

If you are looking for shopping areas, there are hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even self-catering accommodations near this as well and is perfect for the shopper looking for Swiss accessories and domestic essentials among many other things.
On the other hand, if you prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast and have breakfast served so you don’t have to worry with the art of cooking yourself then this may be a wiser choice for your stay. You can find bed and breakfasts scattered throughout the town of Launceston. Depending on the particular things you wish to visit during your holiday vacation, you can opt to choose an accommodation that is close to those areas. However, if you don’t mind travelling to get to your destination, try to find a bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation that is on the outskirts or countryside of Launceston.

In doing that, you will allow yourself to be able to sight see and enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside in Launceston. Nothing is wanted more when you are on vacation than peace and serenity. You can work, play, or relax wherever you decide to stay. Not only you, but for the other guests and children as well. Children always need plenty of room to play or they will sometimes get too bored!
If you don’t mind attending completely for yourself then a self-catering accommodation would be an excellent choice and there are plenty to choose from in Launceston. With a self-catering accommodation, you must cook for yourself, do laundry yourself, etc. You also must keep in mind that you are in someone else’s home and keep their house neat and clean. Upon leaving from your vacation, do not leave the home dirty rather leave it the exact way it was when you first arrived for your vacation. Not only will you be thankful you did, the owner of the home will appreciate your kindness and well-being.

Launceston is a great town with many historical buildings, museums, and artifacts to see while on your holiday vacation. This town is an excellent choice if you are looking to spend time with your family while enjoying the time spent together. This town has several different ghost stories, which can make it interesting for the believer. You can find accommodation that is close to town and the extravagant buildings if you wish; however, you can find accommodation that is on the outskirts of town or even out in the countryside. Wherever you decide to stay, you will be sure to enjoy this town and what it has to offer for the tourist.

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Acknowledged as the gateway to Cornwall, Launceston, a busy market town, consists of many shops and businesses that surround the Town Square. With a population of just 7000, Launceston is enriched with ancient and historical artifacts, which embrace the past. One such masterpiece, which must not be missed, is the intricately carved exteriors of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Lawrence House has a reputation for displaying magnificent historical artifacts from Launceston and Cornwall. It is undoubtedly one of the finest museums in the South West. Launceston is loaded with facilities including hotels, pubs, sprawling golf courses and other facilities that cater to the locals and visitors alike. A medical centre and cottage hospital are also located conveniently. Cornwall’s gateway will leave you feeling contented.