Crackington in Cornwall

Crackington Haven is one of the most unique locations in North Cornwall, as geographical setting, as relief and climate. The unique features of this town come form the mixture of the continental climate along with the maritime one.

Crackington is situated on the Atlantic coast and for this reason there are numerous elements that provide tourists with quality opportunities of spending their time in nature, in a relaxing manner. This region of Cornwall is a very picturesque one as well, as it includes varied elements that make it original for both visitors and for the ones who want to come here to stay for longer.

Crackington is a cove that provides many opportunities for tourists who come here camping. There is a wide surface organized for camping with all the utilities needed in order for tourists to have a pleasant stay in Crackington. The atmosphere and the overall environment of this region are very relaxing as they provide a very wide variety of possibilities to spend time and have fun.

The beach is one of the most generous places that offer possibilities of having fun, as there are many tourists who come here only to enjoy the wonderful landscapes provide by this beach and by the overall natural settings. The organization of this cove is a primary one, as the region is mainly dedicated to tourism and to camping.

A39 is the most popular road that leads to Crackington and that is why this road is usually very crowded in summer by tourists who come here from all over the UK to find the relaxing atmosphere of a calm ocean. This area provides the opportunity of taking small trips and exploring the surroundings and thus of spending more times in the open and enjoying your vacation. Crackington is one of the favorite destinations of many British people who want to take more advantages from the natural elements and landscapes that this cove provides.

There are also a few homes situated near the ocean and that represent the only human traces of this cove. Besides these houses that can be found here and there, this Cornwall location includes a variety of beautiful landscapes and various natural settings that tourists love to come and enjoy at their paces.

This cove is situated between Boscastle and Bude, fact which favors the great popularity of this destination among tourists coming from these two towns.

The High Cliff also represents a very popular attraction for tourists, as this is the highest cliff in this region. Its name derives from its height which is of 735 feet and it is classified as a sheer drop cliff.

The lifeguard cover that it provided in summer are also important aspects of the organizational issues of Crackington and all these aspects are taken into consideration by the tourists who choose this cove as the place where they can spend their holidays camping and having the relaxing time that they long for. All these advantages are provided by this unique location in Cornwall that can be considered as a natural monument in the UK.

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