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Crackington Haven is a tiny cove in northern Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. It is located between Bude and Boscastle, two similar towns of perspective. But Crackington Haven leaves them behind without effort. Crackington Haven used to be a small port that exported local farm produce and imported coal and limestone. As the maritime trading industry began to dry up in the early nineteenth century, Crackington Haven turned to tourism and slate quarrying to generate its economy.

Known as a place of rugged beauty, Crackington Haven has all the nature needed to give even the unsure person steady footing once again. Famous for its astoundingly detailed cliffs which reveal folded sedimentary layers, Crackington Haven is a first-rate choice for many hikers, campers, and local and international geography students. But behind the sharp rocks of the area, there lies the soft and comforting embrace of gentle nature. Rocky rings divulge themselves to be calming rock pools. The high and flat pebbled ridges are the perfect place for a picturesque picnic. Even the hard, stony beach reveals a soft, heartwarming expanse of sandy shores at low tide. Crackington Haven is truly a haven of beauty and solace to those desiring it.

No matter your reason for your holiday, Crackington Haven is a place of singular beauty, and that is revealed through its accommodations, as well. Featuring some of the finest accommodations Cornwall has to offer, Crackington Haven has dozens of places to stay, including bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages, and nearby hotels. There are so many different tastes in the world; it’s nice to find a place like Crackington Haven that can cater to every single preference. Farm houses, ancient thatched cottages, and modern bed and breakfasts offer their services, as well as outdoor camping sites and caravan locations. Whatever the size of your group, Crackington Haven can easily accommodate them.

CrackingtonIt’s important to make time to not only enjoying the expansive cliffs and seaside views, but to also visit other local attractions. There are castles dating back to the Bronze Age, and Celtic crosses clash with an ancient church. The history of St Gennys, which is a mystery to many, is awaiting your discovery, while the local ruins of a slate quarry are just daring you to explore them. The local fishing scene is always astoundingly busy, and your fishing guide can lead you in discovering Crackington Haven’s unfortunate history with floods, and its fortunate history with successful farming practices. The nearby towns and villages also deserve an extended tour, so don’t forget to work that into your holiday plans. Whatever your activity, be sure to bring your best binoculars and camera, as well as lots of film and batteries. Crackington Haven is known for being extremely photogenic, and around every turn, there is a new memory and a new discovery awaiting you.

The actual town of Crackington Haven is in itself a strange creature. There are age-old cottages with ancient roofs made of blue straw, and there are modern cafes, complete with cappuccino machines. Surrounded by and partially built into the towering cliffs surrounding it, Crackington Haven beckons travelers year round. The summer season is particularly busy, meaning the beach is packed with fun friends and good times. During the winter months, though, the place is serene and calm, the perfect place to recuperate from the world’s travails. The wind-whipped foamy seas will keep you mystified and relaxed for hours on end.

The cliffs around Crackington Haven are some of the highest in the area, with one peaking at well over seven hundred feet. Be careful visiting this huge cliff, though; it ends in a sheer cliff that offers a long and deadly fall to the rocks below. For those who were unfortunate enough to meet with Crackington Haven’s seaside rocks while manning legitimate ships or while smuggling along the coast, a local graveyard rests at Penkenna Point, the church and markers sitting over four hundred and thirty feet in the air.

If you find yourself wandering and you wish for a change of scenery from the cliffs and sharp rocks, there are woodland trails situated about a mile inland. These paths are planned, and therefore more safe than most. The woods offer sunny, heartwarming meadows and a chance to spy the local wildlife in fleeting but candid shots. The Heritage Coast Service and National Trust owns much of the cliffs and farmland, and helps maintain and preserve the area from overdevelopment, a fact Crackington Cove’s residents are grateful for.

It is obvious that Crackington Cove offers much more than a Cornish holiday. It offers to the weary traveler a place to communicate with nature in a very raw and unbridled way, restoring perspective to a busied society, one visitor at a time. No matter if you arrive alone or if you bring your family, you’re sure to gain a new family before you leave, that of Crackington Haven’s residents. Their kind and generous nature will be so thoroughly impressed upon your heart that you’ll never wish to leave. It doesn’t matter why you go to Crackington Haven on holiday. What does matter is that Crackington Haven welcomes you and will accommodate your every need for as long as you stay. Visit Crackington Haven in Cornwall and rediscover nature and regain perspective.


You can choose to stay in self-catering cottages in Crackington Haven, or bed & breakfast homes, or even camp out in the fields in comfy caravans.

Crackington Haven Self-catering cottages

Delightfully-built and charmingly-furnished cottages can be found scattered around Crackington Haven. 'Ash Cottage', 'Beech Cottage', 'Little Leighs Cottage', 'Old Cottage', 'Pa's Cottage', 'Pond Meadow's Cottage', 'Thatchways' , 'The Old Shippon' and 'The Roundhouse Cottage' are amongst the popular ones in Crackington Haven.

Crackington Haven Bed & Breakfasts

Warm, friendly and cosy bed & breakfast homes, like 'Mealhouse', 'The Lodge', 'Trevigue', 'Coombe Barton Inn', 'Hellagather Farm' and 'Lower Tresmorn Farm', are ready to invite you.

Crackington Haven Caravans

Set amongst shady trees and flowering bushes, 'Hentervene' is an 8 acre camping park at Crackington Haven. You can hire out their caravans and camp-out amongst all the flora and fauna.

Crackington Haven Restaurants

A walk on beach, leads you 'The Coombe Barton' inn. It boasts of "excellent local Food", "Cornish Real Ales", "Keg Bitters and Largers", and "Wines and Spirits".

The 'Trevigue Restaurant', opens only on weekends, and here you can get a taste of popular local food, and their fresh farm produce.

A real haven
And that's Crackington Haven for you. Serene. Untouched. Enchanting.
This wild flower of Cornwall is sure to weave a spell on your soul.

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Crackington is a wonderful holiday destination for families. Breathtaking sceneries and views from every direction, with the magnificent cliffs in the background; are fantastic for capturing some unforgettable memories. The beach at Crackington, Cornwall is peppered with pebbles that gently caress the waters. Allowing the waves to gently stimulate your mind or just lying on the glistening sands and watching children build lofty sandcastles can be exhilarating. Crackington also has several shops nestled near the beach. Restaurants, cafeterias and shops with bric a brac displayed will keep your senses entertained. Cornwall does have havens like Crackington hidden within, waiting to be explored.