Callington More than a Place of Mural Trail

If you will be asked what Callington in Cornwall, England offers, you would probably answer, “mural paintings.” But if you only know that Callington offers more than mural paintings, you would probably be of more interest of the Cornwall town.

Even the simplest geography of Callington proves it to be worthy of international attention and interest. Cornwall also depends on the beauty and nice attractions that Callington offers for its boosting tourism economy. Callington is placed between Bodmin Moor (the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and Kit Hill. From this hill, you can already see all the breathtaking views that Callington offers like the River Tamar, the Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor, and Plymouth.

It is not actually enough to read about Callington to appreciate the town’s beauty. Your eyes need to see all the Callington’s famous sites. Here are some of the Callington attractions you must see when you go there:

St. Mary’s Church. This is a church built in the 15th century and located at the center of Callington. St. Mary’s Church does not only offer the great religious heritage but other old-time great architectural views. You can find here the Celtic Lantern Cross just waiting for your visit at the churchyard. See also the ancient tombs of Willoghby and Ayssheton families. Find also in St. Mary’s Church the Old Clink. This is originally a vestry room that also has two small rooms for detaining petty criminals.
Well Street. This is the main shopping center or street of the Cornwall town. Find here all the town’s pride and products and bring them home.
Callington Mural Project. This is actually the most famous of Callington attractions. Mural painting of Callington are made by professional and even amateur painters. This practice has long been in Callington’s history and in fact now a part of its heritage and landscape.
Honey Fair. If you happen to go to Callington on the first Wednesday of October, better join this annual fair. Street traders, exhibitors, and entertainers from nearby and far places go to this fair to showcase their products and talents. You can usually find here charity stall, the Fun Fair, and shop window competition. You may wonder why the name is Honey Fair. Well, in fact, the name comes from that sweet bee product—the honey. During the fair, honey products are on sale for the entire day.
Kit Hill. This hill is an old mining stack that is now a countryside park. From here, you can have an amazing view of Bodmin Moor. You can also have picnics here. It also offers footpaths, glance of the ancient mine workings, and ridings. You might also witness here the annual Kit Hill Run.
The Carnival. July of every year, a carnival is being held in Callington. This activity also includes the famous window display competition.
Wishing Wells. Do you believe in magic? Why not try it at the wishing wells in Callington? Visit Laneast and its near village, the St. Clether. Both of these places have their own historical wishing wells believed to make all your wishes come true.
Dupath. This place is popular for its holy well. Dupath can be found inside a granite building. Water in the Dupath holy well is believed to cure illness especially a whooping cough or pertussis. One interesting story happened near the Dupath Well is the duel of two lovers, Gottlieb and Sir Colam, over a lady’s hand. However, none of them took the lady’s hand because both of them died.
Bridge near River Tamar. There is a bridge near the River Tamar where a master killed his wicked warder. You can try and see the real bloodstain marks on the bridge.

These are only some of the interesting sites and occasions you will surely enjoy in Callington, Cornwall. Aside from the sites are the friendly and warm residents that will surely welcome you when you arrive in their town.

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