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ChurchBodmin is one of the oldest towns in Cornwall, situated in the center of the county. It is a historical town as well as a religious one, as Bodmin was the place for building several clerical sights throughout history. It was first chosen as the right town for building a priory, by St Petroc.

This fact gave the first name of the town, Pertockstow and the clerical character of this geographical area, in the early 6th century. The church built by St Petroc was fully reconditioned and rebuilt so as to become one of the largest churches in Cornwall.

Moreover, we may also notice the choice of building an abbey in the same period in Bodmin, but which is now a ruin. All these historical elements provide the local color and the mystery of the town of Bodmin, fact which has brought a great contribution to the tourist attraction for the town of Bodmin. However, the tourist attractions provided by Bodmin are not related only to these elements.

Hence, it is important to note all the tourist attractions offered by the town of Bodmin, which attract tourist towards the destinations that they provide all year round. The natural settings, along with the historical backgrounds are notable elements that attract tourists from all over the world who are interested in exploring all the beauties and the interesting sights of Bodmin. For this reason we may note the importance given to the branch of tourism in this southern Cornwall town.

MoorlandAnother notable tourist attraction is the town’s name itself. The name of Bodmin dates back in the 6th century, when St Petroc chose this town as the location for his religious site. "Bodmin" is said to have its origins in the Cornish language. This language is one of the ancient Celtic languages that belong to the Brythonic group and it was used as the main language for the Cornwall towns until the late 18th century. The reminiscences of this language are noticeable in the name of Bodmin itself and the significance of this name is also Cornish as well.

The town’s name is actually formed of two different Cornish words which are bod” and “menegh”. These two words stand for the category of monks from the 6thj century who were the precursors of the citizens of Bodmin today. The origin of this word is very controversial, however, as its significations were very argued upon and they still are as the research in the etymologic domain has extended considerably. However, the basic significance of the town’s name is related to St. Petroc and to his priory built in the 6th century.

In fact, if we analyze all the culture full elements that Bodmin contains and makes available for its tourists to discover, we will surely notice that many of these historical reminiscences and traditions are remained from the glorious period in which Bodmin used to be a special religious location for the clerics of that time.

All in all, the variety of culture and tradition that the town of Bodmin contains is the very notable attraction for tourists coming from everywhere to discover its beauties.

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